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Teresa Alvarez

Party planning is not a spectator sport.  It is full-on, full-contact, in your face action.  It is not for the weak of heart.  So many details go into planning a fantastic event. Done properly, your guests will leave feeling wowed and thinking you are the ultimate hostess who has thought of EVERYTHING.

One of the elements that can really bring your event proper closure is the party favor.  Party favors date back to as early as the 8th century- Italian nobility would often gift their guests with silver coins as favors for attending their nuptials.  Over time, the concept of the favor has trickled to the masses.

These days, not many folks are giving silver coins as gifts, but they have also moved well beyond the standard, pastel colored, pillow mints in a cute little box with ribbon. Favors either reflect the theme of the event or the personality of the hosts.  If you are having a ranch themed wedding or party, cute gifts can be personalized jars of barbeque sauce, frosted sugar cookies in the shape of a longhorn, or personalized beer bottle koozies.  For a fiesta themed event (very popular here in south centralTexas), cascarone favors of different sizes and shapes, mini piñatas, Mexican hot chocolate (for a winter event), Mexican candies or cookies, or Kahlua filled chocolates.

To reflect the personality of the hosts, if they are wine lovers,BeckerPortwine pecans are a unique hit.  If the hosts are scrabble hounds, mini Scrabble games are a different twist.  If it is a wedding and they met on a plane, mini airplanes with a tag saying,”Our love has us flying high”.  If the couple connected on Facebook, sugar cookies decorated with a thumbs up.  Think fun.  Think personal.  And think about what you would love to receive.  (A good barometer for whether or not a gift, treat, favor is great is if you wish you were receiving it- though on second thought, may not be a good barometer if you have poor taste.  But surely, you don’t.)  And lastly, think Texican Gifts!  We can help you out with all of your favor needs!





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